Ensuring your needs are fulfilled and your expectation are met – or exceeded – drives everything we do.

Nearly every company claims they are “customer-focused”. At Dynacorp, we have built our entire business around it. This begins with our Values and Brand Promise, extends through how we assembled and trained our team of over 120 people, and reaches into every aspect of our operations.

The western Canada market has literally hundreds of “fab shops” and welding outfits. We believe that Dynacorp and its six business lines stand out. We design, produce, service, construct and rent a range of equipment united by the concept of specialized production integrity. Our outside-the-box thinking and in-house design and engineering deliver innovations that increase performance, improve user-friendliness, or create other sources of value.

Our modern, fully equipped facilities are only the setting in which all of this takes place. It’s the people who really count. Each member of the Dynacorp team has been personally selected and each one is directly tied to this company’s Values and Brand Promise. This achieves a unified customer service focus, continuous communication, superior design, top product quality and, above all, a drive to meet the customer’s schedule.

We appreciate that our customers – oil and natural gas producers, well testing providers and EPCM companies – work in a sector where the slightest failure can lead to equipment wash-out, well blow-out or even worse. Ensuring production integrity and delivering to critical schedules with no room for slippage – on job after job – demands a team with integrity. That team is Dynacorp.

But the final say on whether we have delivered will be yours. That is why, at the completion of every job we do for you, we will ask: “Will you do business with us again?”

Dynacorp’s Brand Promise

Dynacorp provides its customers with the very best communication, quality, and service. We want you to experience that superior service with every project. Our goal is to achieve a level of client service that makes our customers prefer us over all our competitors. We strive to deliver our projects on time with the highest quality standards and workmanship. We communicate with our customers every step of the way. At Dynacorp, you’ll find people who are honest, have integrity, and want to ensure you’re happy with the level of service and products you receive.