Dynacorp’s operations are united by the concept of specialized production integrity. Everything we design, fabricate, install, construct, service and rent is aimed at protecting the physical and operational integrity of our customers’ equipment, people, infrastructure and operations.

Because we specialize in manufacturing high-pressure, lethal-service equipment, we understand the stakes: the severe consequences when something goes wrong, and the importance of getting things right, on every job. Achieving production integrity in our products requires people with integrity. And that is part of our brand promise.

Each of Dynacorp’s manufacturing lines achieves specialized production integrity:

  • Sand filtration equipment: Protects the physical integrity of the producer’s wellhead and surface infrastructure.
  • Well testing equipment: Maintains control of high-pressure flow under severe service conditions, while ensuring the accuracy of data collection and reporting to the customer and resource regulator.
  • Process equipment: Dynacorp’s industry-leading design, materials and fabrication quality result in reliable, durable and safe equipment that will deliver operating integrity for many years of service.

With North America’s trends of deeper and longer horizontal wells, more and heavier hydraulic fractures, and higher-pressure, higher-temperature producing wells, the importance of production integrity is only increasing. We intend to continue leading our sector in conceiving and proving new technologies that raise performance standards – ensuring that production integrity remains central in everything we produce.