List of Capabilities and Certifications

Dynacorp is equipped and certified to handle substantial refurbishment work, including adding nozzles to pressure vessels.


Temper bead procedure

Weld build-up on vessel pitting under corrosion allowance

CSA B149.3 upgrade

Pressure vessel repair and alteration (shop and field)

Piping repair and alteration

On-site charted hydro testing

Test unit modification

Weir repair/addition and internal overlay

Trailer repair

Structural skid construction, repair and alteration

Portable flare stack trailer construction and repair

Building modification and repair

10,000 psi HYTORC for any torqueing needs

1502 and 602 manifold and choke bean sales

Fig. 1502, 602 high-pressure flow line sales

Fig. 206, 602 low-pressure flow-line sales


ASME ā€œUā€ stamp certified manufacturer (shop and field)

ABSA approved quality programs (shop and field)

ASME Section VIII-1 pressure vessel construction

CSA B51 miniature pressure vessel construction

ASME B31.3 process piping construction, repair and alteration

ASME B31.3 indirect heater coil construction, repair and alteration

ASME Section I power boiler, ASME Section IV heating boiler and ASME Section VIII-1 pressure vessel construction and alteration (shop and field)

CSA B51 Category A, E and H fitting construction

Department of Transport authorization to apply national safety mark to any vehicle under Section 4 of Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations