The Service Team

Everyone at Dynacorp is united in the goal of continually meeting our brand promise, and that definitely includes the individually selected managers and employees who make up the service team. The service facilities are operated by experienced and qualified personnel. For field work, our low turnover and high ratio of experienced, multi-year employees ensures that we always meet our customers’ requirements for a minimum level of experience for field-site work.

The team’s effectiveness is further strengthened by Dynacorp’s full-cycle capabilities encompassing design and manufacturing. Dealing with all types of equipment from start to finish provides a level of understanding that helps our people perform in the field. Few competitors can say that.

High quality is a critical part of our brand promise, and Dynacorp’s service processes include thorough quality assurance and quality control. Our repairs and refurbishments are done to new-build standards, and all units ship with a complete, fully documented QC package.