What We Do

Dynacorp’s broad capabilities mean that there’s little we can’t do in the area of equipment service, repair, refurbishment or addition. We also provide 24-7 on-call and on-demand portable welding and maintenance services to keep our customers’ projects up and running while minimizing costly down time. We are well-versed in today’s advanced production, processing and testing equipment, reflecting typically bigger, deeper wells, more complex well completions and tighter regulatory standards.

Dynacorp’s experienced, certified and well-equipped crews will deploy to your site. Here are some of the things we can do:

Field maintenance: Bolting up process piping, servicing sand filters, pipe threading of any sort, valve change-outs, new construction, repairs to vessel buildings, flare stack installation including flare lines, gas plant turnarounds and on-site hydro-testing.

Field welding: Process piping on site, vessel repair, gas plant turnaround, general welding, vessel nozzle additions, hydrotesting, weld buildup on corrosion, on-site structural work at gas plants, oil processing facilities and forestry facilities.

The well-testing business continually faces equipment washout and erosion. Dynacorp’s dedicated crew is available to deliver quick repair and refurbishment turn-arounds, covering the complete system including pressure vessels and piping. We have comprehensive service capabilities and emphasize fast turnarounds while achieving as-new results. With specialized weld procedures to mitigate repair and maintenance costs, we can help get your used equipment and pressure vessels back in service, fast. We handle all Dynacorp-manufactured well-testing equipment as well as equipment built by any competitor.

We service everything that we manufacture, including sand filtration equipment and screens, as well as our complete rental fleet. Having designed this equipment, we know everything about how it works, what maintenance needs to be done and how to repair it efficiently. We can also train your field operators to ensure the most efficient maintenance approach while avoiding crushed screens and other issues.

One of Dynacorp’s foremost advantages is our temper bead welding procedure. The benefits are substantial:

  • Much faster turnarounds – We can save you days of money-wasting downtime;
  • Much lower costs – Because post-weld heat-treating of a large vessel can be cost-prohibitive, our process can make the difference between re-using a large pressure vessel and having to pay for a new build; and
  • Flexibility – This procedure covers significant repairs and modifications, such as adding new nozzles.

We are equipped with the knowledge for efficient installation, and that makes us your natural choice. We can install everything we manufacture, as well as SCADA equipment. Choosing Dynacorp avoids contracting out installations to welding providers that may not intimately understand the equipment they are working on. Dynacorp also has an in-house building crew for any needed repairs or additions to your vessel buildings.

All Dynacorp-manufactured equipment is designed using modern software and built to an advanced state in our shops, with accompanying drawings stamped by our professional engineers.