Why Rent from Dynacorp

Renting equipment from Dynacorp allows you to reduce up-front capital expenditures and ensure that the system you install is the right size and configuration for your well’s long-term production profile. And you get the same industry-leading, high-performance equipment that we design and manufacture for sale.

Dynacorp rents a broad lineup of recently built and well-maintained skid-mounted sand filtration equipment, as well as 60-cubic-metre (9’X30’) storage tanks, flare stacks and skid-mounted wellhead piping. We serve all of western Canada, the North Dakota Bakken and the Marcellus/Utica play areas. Our rental equipment features the industry’s most innovative product design and genuine sand filtration, a critical Dynacorp advantage over traditional velocity knock-out.

Dynacorp offers:

  • An extensive fleet of recently built equipment, fabricated in-house and incorporating the latest in sand filtration and well-testing technology;
  • Diameters and configurations suitable for various well rates, sand concentrations and other parameters, including single horizontal, dual horizontal, single vertical and horizontal-vertical;
  • Build-to-suit option;
  • A dedicated rental team led by experienced managers;
  • 24-7 on-call service for installations and field maintenance;
  • Training in safe and effective operation, including proper cleanout procedures;
  • Flexible terms, including rent-to-own; and
  • Locations in Alberta, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

Who chooses to rent? You could be a junior E&P company, a super-major or a mid-streamer. Your production could be in a liquids-rich play with high-rate wells like the Montney, in a historical dry gas area on the prairies, or an oil play with associated gas that can’t be flared, like the Bakken. If you’re looking for a quick solution, flexibility and low up-front cost, renting is probably for you.

Perhaps you are trying to bring on early production, but want to avoid over-capitalizing your well sites. You could opt for a short-term rental of a high-capacity system to handle flush production, followed by purchase of right-sized equipment for permanent installation. Or you have made an asset purchase and need to bring your acquired facilities up to your company’s standards. Dynacorp can be there, fast.