Proper cleanout is critical to ensure filter screen performance and longevity, and to avoid safety shut-downs of the producing well. Filtration vessels can fill over a period of weeks, days, hours or even minutes during flowback/cleanup of a high-rate new well.

Because sand production can be highly variable, timed clean-outs end up being done too often or not often enough. In the latter case, filters can collapse or clog, sending sand rushing into your piping and other surface infrastructure.

Fortunately, cleaning out a Dynacorp sand filter is fast and simple by design. Here’s how:

  1. Shut in well and pressure down, or bypass filter and continue producing.
  2. If blowdown vessel installed, blow material into vessel.
  3. Remove end cap or spin-off hatch, if needed.
  4. Remove screen and shake off sand or wash with water, if required.
  5. Rake or hose out vessel, collect sand in storage tub, or vacuum vessel.
    • On dual-vessel configurations, this step can be performed a number of times before screen needs to be removed from other vessel.

Clean-out reminders, safety shut-downs and sand dump into the blowdown vessel can all be automated.