Genuine Sand Filtration

Depend on Dynacorp’s industry-leading sand filtration equipment to get all the sand out of your hydrocarbon production stream. Our range of configurations and sizes enables us to serve any production stream and commodity mix across North America. That includes the highest-pressure, highest-rate unconventional wells operating at up to 10,000 psi and 400°F.

We are sand filtration specialists. Dynacorp’s unique approach to desanding includes:

  • Patented technology;
  • Multiple functional innovations;
  • Thoroughly engineered and field-proven designs;
  • High-quality in-house manufacturing; and
  • User-friendly automation.

It’s all brought together by our corporate brand promise of continuous customer focus, attentive service, careful project execution, cost-competitiveness, top fabrication quality and on-time delivery with no slippage.

Sand filtration is critical for protecting the physical integrity of your surface infrastructure. Uncontrolled sand flow can wash out a control or ESD valve within minutes, while chronic sand carry-over gradually erodes downstream equipment. The risks are serious – including explosion and fire – and the potential costs are high.

Dynacorp sand filters capture particles down to 50 microns. This is a performance leap over traditional sand separators or “desanders”, which consist purely of velocity knockout and allow fines and slugs to pass through. Yet Dynacorp’s superior solution is less costly than competing products.

Sand filtration is one of Dynacorp’s three manufacturing lines, along with well testing equipment and process equipment. We specialize in customized solutions for high-pressure, lethal-service requirements. We have well-equipped manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Grande Prairie, Alberta with a range of certifications, including for pressure vessels in Canada and the United States.