Special Features

Dynacorp’s sand filtration technology innovations are aimed at maximizing operating convenience and efficiency while ensuring reliability and safety.

Technology innovations:

  • Differential pressure sensors and switches
  • Hydrate breaker
  • Integration with producer’s SCADA system and flow control

These innovations support the following special features/functions:

  • Automated sand-dump into blowdown vessel
  • Automatic electronic call-outs notifying your operators when it is time for sand removal or filter cleaning
  • Automated safety shut-downs when required, such as during pressure spikes or should the unit fill completely with sand
    • Traditional timed cleanouts don’t work because of varying sand production
    • Auto-call avoids screen clogging/collapse due to lack of maintenance
  • Full automation through the addition of a smart PLC box to control the sand choke and incoming fluid and gas volumes


  • Maximized uptime
  • Minimized operational risks
  • User-friendly
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced operator time on-site