Advantages of Doing Business With Us

Many of North America’s largest well testing companies choose to do business with Dynacorp. Here are several key reasons why:

  • We listen to you, the customer, producing individualized solutions that meet your particular needs;
  • Innovative designs produced by our in-house engineers;
  • Incorporation of leading technology to maximize efficiency and reduce weight without compromising safety or durability;
  • A company-wide focus on meeting the customer’s delivery deadlines;
  • Use of modern design software that includes 3D renderings for user-friendly visualization of the planned layout;
  • Provision for integration with the customer’s SCADA system;
  • Rental options, including rent-to-own terms; and
  • Availability across North America, with locations in Alberta, British Columbia, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

These advantages will in turn create a competitive advantage for you, the well-testing provider.