Years ago Dynacorp made a commitment to lead the industry instead of following the pack. Since that time we have been at the forefront of change, amassing a track record of innovation that includes inventing an entirely new approach to sand filtration – creating a step-change in field performance – and continually raising capacity and performance for well-testing equipment.

Our innovations have included all-new concepts, superior equipment layout and design, plus seemingly small features that increase functionality or system reliability. They have been aimed at bringing our customers greater performance, capacity, reliability, safety, productivity or operating efficiency.

Innovations begin in the minds of our great people. They are brought to fruition through the collaborative work of our expert groups in design, engineering, fabrication, project management and service. Dynacorp’s ability to innovate, over and over, is one of the benefits of maintaining organic full-cycle capabilities. Innovation helps us meet our brand promise and achieve specialized production integrity in everything we produce.