You will immediately notice that safety is very important at Dynacorp. We take all safety laws and regulations seriously. But we’re committed to doing far more than just meeting laws and regulation. We see them as the starting point, something to build upon and exceed. We provide numerous safety-related courses to our employees.

Dynacorp’s goal is to have an injury and incident-free workplace. Our safety program is aimed at protecting you as well as our customers, sub-contractors we may interact with, the general public, our equipment and the environment. By protecting you, we’re also protecting your family, friends, fellow workers and other stake-holders from the far-reaching effects of serious incidents. That also protects our ability to do business – which in turn means we are able to continue providing good jobs to you and your fellow team members.

Our culture of engagement and commitment means that we expect you to contribute wholeheartedly to safety at Dynacorp, not only following our rules and meeting our standards, but continually looking out for your own well-being and the well-being of the people you work with. That’s how we’ll keep one another safe, every day.

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