Renting equipment from Dynacorp allows you to reduce up-front capital expenditures and ensure that the system you install is the right size and configuration for your well’s long-term production profile.

And you get the same industry-leading, high-performance equipment that we design and manufacture for sale.


Dynacorp offers:

  • An extensive fleet of recently built equipment, fabricated in-house and incorporating the latest in sand filtration and well-testing technology;
  • Diameters and configurations suitable for various well rates, sand concentrations and other parameters, including single horizontal, dual horizontal, single vertical and horizontal-vertical;
  • Build-to-suit option;
  • A dedicated rental team led by experienced managers;
  • 24-7 on-call service for installations and field maintenance;
  • Training in safe and effective operation, including proper cleanout procedures;
  • Flexible terms, including rent-to-own; and
  • Locations in Northern Alberta & BC, Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Who chooses to rent?

You could be a junior E&P company, a super-major or a mid-streamer.

Your production could be in a liquids-rich play with high-rate wells like the Montney, in a historical dry gas area on the prairies, or an oil play with associated gas that can’t be flared, like the Bakken. If you’re looking for a quick solution, flexibility and low up-front cost, renting is probably for you.

Perhaps you are trying to bring on early production, but want to avoid over-capitalizing your well sites.

You could opt for a short-term rental of a high-capacity system to handle flush production, followed by purchase of right-sized equipment for permanent installation. Or you have made an asset purchase and need to bring your acquired facilities up to your company’s standards. Dynacorp can be there, fast.

Dynacorp can be there, fast.

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