Dynacorp offers full field service including, pre-job evaluation, on-site training and commissioning of all sand management products.



Wesco Testing & Wireline contracted Dynacorp to provide them with a High Pressure Test Separator.

Dynacorp was commissioned to build several separators with large storage capacity and separation in conjunction with the ability to be portably transported. We worked with FMC Technologies to come up with this new design that combines the traditional Storage tank and Test Unit together making this a very complex and functional test separator. This separator is equipped with all the latest SCADA and Safety technology that provides FMC with the very best equipment for their personnel and customers.

“FMC Commissioned Dynacorp to build a number of separators with complex upgrades. All units were delivered on time, and built to a very high standard. The team at Dynacorp very easy to deal with and have great ideas.”Shakeel Islam Technical Flowback Superintendent, FMC Canada


Dynacorp has delivered several production testing units to one of our valued clients Grant Production Testing.

Each new unit comes with newer technology and we continue to push the manufacturing capabilities of Dynacorp. The Quality on each new unit continues to improve and the bar is set higher and higher with every build. Grant PTS business depends on Dynacorp meeting our deliveries, they have come to rely on us to not only achieve our delivery dates, but exceed them and deliver the equipment sooner with each build.

“The business relationship between Grant Production Testing Services Ltd and Dynacorp has been developed over years of multiple projects. With each new project the end goal of quality is a measure of pride on both sides of the relationship. No project is insurmountable, even in the most challenging of situations – professionalism, customer service and our standards are never compromised.”Cindy Wright Quality Control Manager & Chief Inspector


Wesco Testing & Wireline contracted Dynacorp to provide them with a High Pressure Test Separator.

This separator will be used initially in frac flowbacks, well clean up, and completions. The design also called for zero entry for sand clean up after the job is completed at the well location. As a leader in innovation, Dynacorp designed and installed a multi-purpose oscillating cleaning system, allowing the vessel to be cleaned 360 degrees in conjunction with a sparge ring. This ensured the vessel was clean prior to an operator entering, thus eliminating a dangerous confined space issue. Wesco invited engineers from Cenovus Energy and Encana to witness the clean out system in action at Dyancorp’s Manufacturing facility. The immediate response was positive and created a new standard for sand clean up after frac flowback completions. Dynacorp would like to thank Wesco Testing & Wireline for partnering with us to showcase our equipment, technology, and facilities with more than 30 professionals from Cenovus Energy and Encana. The shop tour and ‘lunch & learn’ were a huge success for both parties!

“We partnered with Dynacorp to manufacture our ‘Frac Daddy’ Flowback Separator and our expectations were exceeded in every way with the quality, service and support we received. We were also were thrilled with the lunch & learn they put on as we were able to showcase our equipment to our customers and provide live demonstrations for the new clean out technology”Mark Bower GM of Wesco Testing & Wireline
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